Fun Issues To Do With The Family Canine

These lesson plans are based on one letter of the alphabet per lesson, and are aimed at kids in Homeschool, kindergarten and preschool. In most lessons there is an animal, snack idea, colour or form, physique component or motion, music, fun activity or arts and crafts, and typical sight phrases (these are phrases that the student ought to eventually memorize, by sight). Be sure to see the guide for suggestions on utilizing these lesson ideas. Hyperlinks to other Alphabet Lesson Plans are listed at the end of this lesson.

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There are other methods to include this lesson's letter into the college working day. Think of other phrases that begin with the letter I, this kind of as Igloo, Ice, Inchworm. Make posters with the letter I and include anything that begins with the letter I. Have Fun, and use positive reinforcement and appreciate!

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